Women have a BIG underwear problem

Women have a BIG underwear problem

I’m not even kidding Olivia.

I recently surveyed 25 of my closest female friends and bluntly asked them this very private question…

“How old are the undies you are currently wearing?” 👙

Twenty-four of them were wearing old tattered undies that once upon a time looked new and perhaps even sexy.

The remaining one? She wasn’t wearing undies under her gym gear… “Too many lines.” 🤭🤭

The important question I have for you my dear Olivia, is how often do you shop for new undies? 🛍️

If you’re like most women, you probably think you replace your undies every 6-9 months, but in reality, it’s more like every 12-24 months.

Now here’s the surprising fact you might not be aware of Olivia: Your underwear habits speak very loudly (and intimately) about your sense of self-worth. 💰

You’re probably wondering how the heck can your choice of underwear today be a reflection of your self-worth?

Let me explain.

This era of information overload is robbing you of your earning potential, your ability to care for yourself, reach your ambitions and quite frankly, your ability to get rich.

Women are natural-born givers; hard-wired to serve others before serving ourselves.

Think of it.

This email you are now reading had to compete with MILLIONS of other attention thieves to get a few seconds of your precious focus (…huge thanks btw!).

But after I’ve gotten you to emotionally link your wallet and your undies, you will likely file a mental note to order some new undies this weekend (which you’ll likely forget) and move on to the next attention grabber or “more important things,” just as society has conditioned you to do your whole life.


You’ve been conditioned to believe that everything ELSE vying for your attention is more critical than what you need and desire.

As a result, our dreams and necessities are forgotten, relegated to the back burner, robbed of their deserved attention and trampled on by the rest of the world.

This is exactly why I’ve created the HER Money School (HMS) app. 🔥🔥

Because as women, we are being held hostage by the demands of the world… and we’re tethered so tightly to the needs of others, that we barely have the time to give attention to what makes us thrive.

HMS allows you to focus ONLY on what will move the needle forward with your dreams and ambitions… The exact tools, scripts and latest trainings that get you the big wins, easily and fast.

And admittedly, at HMS we focus heavily on making all your moves PROFITABLE, so you can do what you love, get paid what you deserve, build wealth, make a difference, and leave a legacy.

But more importantly, we want you to get rich, so you can go buy yourself some new undies. 💵 🛍️ 🥂💃🏽

xx Olivia

P.S.- Join the 1000’s of ladies on our waitlist for the HMS App launch, so you don’t get left behind in the impending worldwide underwear rush!