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It’s Time For You To Achieve Financial Freedom

It’s Time For You To Achieve Financial Freedom

Her Money School is an exclusive tight-knit community of success-driven women. We commit to helping you develop the skills you need to become independently wealthy. We’ve helped tens of thousands of women build the life they love, and now it’s your turn.

Are your finances where you want them to be? 

If you answered no- don’t worry. You aren’t alone, and it’s not too late to make a change. Forbes council member Olivia Jaras is the founder of Her Money School, and she’s committed to the financial success of enterprising female entrepreneurs. 

Are you ready to achieve financial freedom? 

What Is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom means having enough savings, assets, and cash on hand to afford the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our families. It involves accumulating savings to allow us to retire or pursue our dream job without worrying about money. It’s freeing yourself from the constraints of needing to earn a fixed salary each year. Financial independence means that our money works for us rather than you working for it. 

The Importance Of Financial Freedom In This Era

 Achieving financial freedom is especially important in this day and age. The COVID pandemic caused over 114 million people to lose their job. This has caused countless people to be plunged into financial instability, and it has also raised several job security concerns. One of the benefits of financial independence is maintaining a comfortable lifestyle even during unprecedented times like the ones we’re currently experiencing. 

There are countless benefits to financial freedom. You might want:

  • To go traveling. 
  • Pay off your mortgage to be debt-free
  • Take care of your family and provide the finest possible start in life for your children.
  • Retire early to spend more time doing activities you enjoy.

 And who wouldn’t want the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re prepared to deal with unexpected expenses?

All of this can result from living within your means, prioritizing savings, and avoiding “bad” debt by not borrowing for items that depreciate. In other words, being financially responsible now is key to living the life of your dreams later on. Your money mindset is the key to achieving your goals. 

The Three Steps To Financial Free

Make Knowledge Your Main Reason For Working, Instead Of Money. 

Bills are a part of life. They’re annoying, but everyone has to deal with them.  Having to pay bills can make following your passions difficult because the world does not stop moving for anyone. However, an issue that often occurs is that people make decisions based only on the amount of money. The first question that most people ask during interviews is, “How much do I get paid?”. While being properly compensated for your work is essential, if money is the only focus, you’ll miss out on learning new skills to help you raise the corporate ladder. 

People who are genuinely working towards financial independence consider jobs positions by the amount of knowledge they’ll gain. Your skills will improve over time if you regard every job as a learning opportunity. Working in many different fields gives you a well-rounded foundation if you ever decide to strike out independently. In the long run, experience is far more precious than money.

Start A Business On The Side

 A large number of people work two jobs. This is an era of financial instability, which means many people struggle to make ends meet. Sadly all that does is trap them into a life of struggle and hard work. When one chooses to swap time for money, i.e., working for an hourly salary, they eventually run out of time. There is no way to add more hours to one’s week. If you work 60 hours this week, you’ll have to do the same in a month. It’s a never-ending circle.

If you’re going to put in extra time outside of your typical work week, why not spend it doing something that will improve your situation? Starting a business is the best way to accomplish this. Most people prefer to start this business part-time from home. It could be the result of one of your current interests. Whatever you choose, the rewards to you will be tremendous.

Make Your  Money Work For You

In most cases, relying only on your efforts will not result in financial wealth. This is comparable to the concept of exchanging time for money. There are just so many things you can do. It is vital to put money to work to progress financially. Each dollar, in effect, becomes a ‘financial employee.’ Money will circulate and recreate itself. Taking advantage of compound interest is a fundamental concept of wealth creation.

The most common reason people don’t invest is that they can’t afford it. But the truth is, you cannot afford not to invest. Failure to include investment in your financial strategy will almost always result in you need to work to support yourself in later years. A tried-and-true technique is to cut expenses such that they are less than the income earned. The best method to accomplish this is to have the funds taken automatically from your paycheck. Allow a part of your earnings to be deposited into a different savings account. You won’t even see the money this way, and after two weeks you won’t miss it.

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