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Expertly curated tools and strategies for women to make more money in today’s unequal economy. And grow financially through your career and/or business, while also expanding your money mindset.

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Skip fluffy courses and go straight to the tools and strategies you need to reclaim your time and financial freedom.

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What is

HER Money School?

HMS is a space where we reconnect women with their sense of self-worth and their ability to generate financial independence for themselves.

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HMS App will help you negotiate with confidence, navigate your career, build new revenue streams and find the inner strength to persevere by bringing you the latest tools.

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HMS App work?

Unlike most courses and memberships that make you sift through hours of content (who has time for that?!), in HMS you’ll have access to instantly access the proven strategies, tools, scripts, and templates that YOU want and need. As a VIP member, you pay only $14.99 per month and get access to all tools in Career Acceleration Tools, Build Revenue Streams, & Money Mindset Tools.

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Welcome To HMS

Most memberships are usually filled with an overwhelming amount of information which makes it really hard for you to know how to actually take that information and action it in your life. That’s why we created the HER Money School App – a step by step foundational application that advocate many route to success.

Money Mindset Tools

This category will free you from your limiting beliefs and ensure you feel the way you need to in order to think, grow, and stay rich.

Career Acceleration Tools

This category focuses on the career and professional development because your career can only grow as much as you do. Learn to negotiate your worth and lead like a boss.

Jumpstart Your Journey

In this category talks about how you’ll discover your true purpose and how you can used it to create a profitable business and a career you love. This section also talks about getting the clarity you need on growing your career and monetizing different channels and what platform is right for you.

Build Revenue Streams

In this category, we focus on making money and managing money. Generating money isn’t the only thing you should be thinking. We need to learn how to make and keep more.

Your Inspiration Corner

An honest conversations that get you motivated and the behind the scenes of building successful business, achieving your desired career, and learn how to balance it all.

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realize their dreams.​

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Stepped up in 2020 and built a movement around her passion for universal & inclusive customer experience. Now an industry leader in her field & sought after keynote speaker.


Stepped up in 2019 and went from being laid off the week before Christmas from a $50k salary job, to being courted for her dream job, earning now over +$150k per year salary, along with $69k in equity.


Stepped up in 2018 and from unemployed, to building and running a world-wide business that now runs on autopilot. Jenny is crushing it at building new revenue streams. Jenny's latest venture: Helping women reinvent themselves and find their purpose.


Stepped up in 2019 and Val landed her dream job, and quickly ascending the career ladder, getting herself promoted within a few months (even during COVID!). Realizing she was sitting on a goldmine between her ears, Val is now building new revenue steams.


Stepped up in 2021 and having to reinvent her path during volatile and uncertain times, Debbie is now a published author and sought after consultant on Mindset Wizardry.


Stepped up in 2021 and underwhelmed and dissatisfied with her career prospects, Ila took back control of her dreams and her LinkedIn profile. Landed her DREAM job and salary... getting herself promoted twice in one year.

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