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The HER Money School is an investment in your future.
2020 has been a year none of us will forget. Overwhelmed, struggling, lonely, crowded, and depending on the moment feeling all these emotions at once. I was at a low point in my career. I was debating leaving healthcare after nearly four decades and someone reached out and suggested the HER Money School’s – LinkedIn Challenge with Olivia and her team.

The challenge led me to the HER Money School. I am not sure words can express my gratitude and appreciation for what the group has given me. Envision a place where you can express how you are feeling, what you need, and where you can get the support to accomplish it! The women in the group are a wide range of ages, professions, points in their lives and careers. It is a supportive group that only wants only the best for each of its members. The tools, support, and direction that Olivia and her team share are invaluable. Recruiters have commented on my updated linked in profile because recruiters are calling me! Best of all, I have had multiple offers. When I shared with my current employer, they made me a counteroffer.

Olivia’s direction on how to negotiate a salary led me to try the same technique to reach an arrangement that has allowed me to go to a four-day work week and I am working one of them from home. My coaching call with Olivia was specific to my needs and the script she gave me worked perfectly! I assure you the HER Money School is an investment in your future you can’t afford to miss!

Sincere appreciation to Olivia, her team, and all the special guests that she has brought to the group.

The HER Money School has totally transformed how I wake up each day.
I just wanted to share how my experience as part of HER Money School has totally transformed how I wake up each day, how I come to work and how I advocate for my genius zone. I started my journey with HER Money School a few months ago, and I am so energized by all of the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure to connect with. Each of these women are working toward new jobs, creating their own businesses, etc., but the one thing we all have in common is we no longer want to settle for less.

Instead of waking up each day dreading working on stuff that isn’t fulfilling or just plain boring, I’m energized in working on my genius zone and telling anyone who will listen what I’m passionate about. (It’s amazing how you want to shout from the rooftops about your genius zone and hide the stuff that you really don’t enjoy doing.)

All of the coaching sessions and connections in HER Money School have helped me build a level of confidence that I didn’t know was possible. These amazing women lift each other up, help troubleshoot issues that arise, etc. In HER Money School I have found my tribe.

I have found the women, information and group coaching calls so valuable and uplifting for my career and myself-esteem. Olivia is always ensuring we know our worth and suggests ways to get our worth both with self-reflection and actionable items. I don’t think I would be where I am today in my career without Olivia and the HER Money School.

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Olivia has been the best professional friend/mentor I could have ever found. Her advice is always spot on & cuts right to the heart of what I am struggling with. She offers clarity with psychology (why your brain is doing what it’s doing), solid business advice and she plants seeds of thoughts to ponder on for pushing forward. I highly recommend connecting with Olivia & her team.

Love this group. All of you have me dreaming again. I’ve been so focused on being a caregiver with work being just an escape that I haven’t really dreamed about the what ifs. I’m building time to reflect and consider possibilities again. Olivia Jaras, your discussion on Ageism was great. I’m already working hard on the self-care but have realized I do have a competitive advantage. People tend to assume I’m about 10 years younger than I am despite my grey hair. I had to laugh when I found out my boss had hired an older man who had been a contractor but was willing to work for several years before retiring. In talking to the new hire, I quickly realized that he was younger than me. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m not sure if it is because contracting has kept my skill fresh, or because on the mom of 20 somethings, or if I just bring the right enthusiasm and energy to everything I do.

Olivia was my beacon of hope when I felt helpless and confused, rattled and uncertain of what my next steps had to be (or even knowing how to get there). Her belief and strength in her purpose are evident, you are not merely a number for her, she truly believes in your success and potential. My experience with Olivia was transformational from the inside out. Thank you for being all-in in helping me when I failed to and thank you for truly making a difference in people’s lives.

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