By Olivia

Know Your Worth


Ever wondered how to negotiate like an expert and get paid what you deserve? Here’s your secret guide to never again falling prey to not knowing your worth or botched negotiations. Master the art of negotiations, learn to read body language and become the highest paid person in your market. 

The Unapologetically

Wealthy Woman

This book is for a woman who decides she’s done with apologizing for being herself and decides to step into her big girl undies… unapologetically. 

The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman will demystify the truth about women, money, and how you can take back control of your earning potential. By the time you are done with this book, you’ll know how to crack the code of financial freedom for yourself and all other women in your life.

Her Mindset


To all the women who dare believe they are worthy of igniting a wildly successful life & career. Time to hit the reset on your mindset. Unleash and unlock your potential to secure your success with this powerful Mindset Reset Guide & Workbook.