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Are you up? - I need your advice.

By Olivia Jaras

Published November 15, 2022

What would you do if you were me?
Would you close down HER Money School?
Over the last 2 or so months, I’ve been on a strict communication and work detox diet from the world… more of a crisis than a diet I would say.

And it’s been beautiful to reconnect with life, my family and most importantly, with myself.
As I’m typing this, I’m sitting in a fancy downtown Boston hotel, eating edamame and drinking water, alone in my room…
When really, I could be partying around, drinking champagne and eating fancy caviar, hanging out with all sorts of fancy people…
Except that I’ve never been that kind of girl, nor do I want to be.

I don’t need to earn more money.
I have a private community of 594 amazing women… and thousands of other HMS App users.
Not only that, but I get to work for big companies with big causes… like Google, Forbes, the Gates Foundation, just to name a few.

I write books for fun… and they become award-winning bestsellers.
I got to retire myself last year from 1-1 coaching.
But back to my crisis… as childish as it sounds, I no longer do things I don’t want to do.

Like refusing to be chained to social media. Spinning my wheels creating content or writing emails, so women like you will notice me. Worried I don’t have enough likes or follows.

My problem though… is that I’ve been told by every coach and mentor in the world, that in order to have my private community (HER Money School) not stagnate and to keep it growing, I need to be “present” on social media… which to me translates into being absent in my real-life present, and robbing you of priceless time you could be spending with your loved ones instead.

Don’t get me wrong…the tools, coaching, career strategies, courses and everything in HMS are powerful and worthy of massive social media campaigns… After all, we’ve helped women from all over the globe land their dream jobs, start multimillion dollar businesses, reclaim +$30 million dollars (and counting) that they were leaving at the negotiation table.

But as awesome as getting these tools in the hands of millions of women might be, it’s a matter of principle.

I refuse to spend my days on social media, or even worse, pay someone else to spend their days on social media, creating content to distract YOU from what really matters in your life, so you can spend your days on social media…

Even though I know that it’s critical for you to understand that joining a private club like ours will irrefutably (and irrevocably) change your earning potential and the achievement of your ambitions.

So what should I do ?
Should I just close down? Sell off HMS?
Or perhaps just trust, that only those who are meant to be part of the club, will be attracted to us somehow… and become part of the club?

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