The HMS All Access Pass is an entirely new dimension.

We’re literally giving you absolutely everything we’ve got, for almost nothing. This is total access to all of our live calls throughout the week PLUS the tools, courses, and content we’ve ever created and exclusive LIVE coaching calls. It’s time to shift your life, your career, business and your earning potential.

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What you’ll get:


Live Weekly Online Events where you can ask questions and interact directly with Olivia and the other members of the community. Here's the schedule:
Bridge The Gap Calls: Every other week, Olivia goes LIVE to answer all your career, money and business questions. The goal? Simply put, these calls are meant to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you are headed.
Worthy Club Calls: The biggest roadblock preventing women from earning what they deserve, are the stories we've been conditioned into about our self worth. Grab a pen and journal, and get ready to release ALL your self-worth baggage!
Monthly Releases:
Every month, we bring you the latest tools and strategies to enhance your earning potential.


Total Unlimited Access to HER Money School courses, video courses and live call archives, plus first access to soon-to-be-released courses and exclusive unreleased video & audio content. This is over 200 hours of content and courses that will help move you into your body and release the addictive habitual patterns of your mind.


We believe that we can truly change the world by being here and doing this work. We also feel that we can help in tangible ways, and support charities that are doing so much good in the world. We’ll be updating this page soon with more information on ways you can join us in that support.


A Private Facebook Group where you can connect and get support from other members who are actually doing the work and stepping into what they truly are. (You will unlock a whole new list of assets just by joining this group.)

Step out of your old money story.

You have no idea how many millions of times this small investment could come back to you.

When you commit to your own evolution, you will watch every area of your life completely change. Your finances, your self-worth, your relationships, your career and earning potential—abundance and freedom in every area of your life will show up when you let go of the habitual addiction to the stories that hold you back. Invest in your growth instead of your story, do something different, and align with the tools and strategies that will finally obliterate that glass ceiling that has kept you stuck all these years.

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The most transformational, interactive online-experience for women wanting to level up their earning potential and their impact on this planet.

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Something beautiful is happening to women right now.

We are discovering how powerful we truly are. We are in the process of releasing all the money stories and inequality baggage that have kept us stuck for so long. Step into the masterpiece that you’ve always been. Step into the most ambitious and impactful version of yourself that is here to change the world. 

HMS is here to support you whenever you’re ready.

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Monthly Subscription & Cancel Anytime

Annual Subscription & Cancel Anytime