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You Know You Were Meant To Be Rich...

Yet You Never Have Enough Money?

We get it. You have BIG dreams for yourself, but if you are like most ambitious women,
you probably have this one problem too:

You realize making MONEY is crucial to achieving your big dreams, but you’ve never been independently wealthy before… So you don’t know where to start or how to go about getting rich without caving into all that fluffy advice online that doesn’t actually get you the BIG results you’re aiming for.

At HER Money School we get it. And that’s exactly why we are here.

We’ve helped +10,000 women become independently wealthy by advising them on how to get more money out of their careers and build revenue streams through entrepreneurship. 

Too many women lose their best years settling for mediocre money, when they know deep inside that they want and deserve more.

If you …

  • Are tired of fluffy advice and chasing shiny objects that doesn’t actually enhance your wealth.
  • Are ready to make more money through your business or career, and perhaps even retire early ON YOUR TERMS.
  • Want to be part of a community filled with like-minded ambitious women to support you.
  • Want support for all the facets of making, keeping and growing money.

Then you’re in the right place.

Her Money School is the online community every ambitious woman wants and needs. Through our Money Mavens Mastermind, proven frameworks and high-value development programs, you’ll have everything you need to reach your financial goals and build a life you love.

We Are Here To Help Women Get


Mia E

What Ladies Are Saying

“This gr0up gave me the opportunity to step out from behind paperwork and the support needed to believe in my work. Thank you so much Olivia for believing in us enough to guide us to success. You recognized our problem, empathized, and brought us a brand new day.”


HER Money School

What Ladies Are Saying

“Thank you for pushing yourself to make this business. I really needed someone and something just like this.”


Josephine G

What Ladies Are Saying

“We did it, I say “we” because I started this challenge with 10 connections. Now, I have 500! Thanks to Olivia, this team and this community.”



What Ladies Are Saying

“I love how the courses are arranged. I haven’t gone through the entire bundle, but holy cow… THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I can see exactly how I’m going to start my dream business.”

Marcela Jones

What Ladies Are Saying

Are You Overwhelmed Or Wearing Too Many Hats?

You’re working an insane number of hours to make ends meet, running yourself ragged with your to-do list that keeps expanding. It simply feels like too much.

Here at Her Money School, we teach women how to work smarter, not harder to get rich on their terms.

We understand that true success not only gives you money, but also gives you back your time, so you can create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Through teaching you how to position yourself streategically, master the art of negotiations, building multiple revenue streams and teaching you how to GROW money, we’ll help you build a business that is strong, scalable and profitable.


We’ll show you the right things to do, and in the right order.

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What Ladies Are Saying

“I have found the women, information and group coaching calls SO valuable and uplifting for my career and myself-esteem. Olivia is always ensuring we know our worth and suggests ways to get our worth both with self-reflection and actionable steps. I don’t think I would be where I am today without Olivia.”


What Ladies Are Saying

“Olivia is absolutely a guru! I am part of her MASTERMIND and I do not have enough words to say how great the program has been for me as well as how much she has helped. I love that she pushed me to get myself out there and to help me know and learn my worth that I had in myself already.”

Jenny Yi


What Ladies Are Saying

“I’m going to get 2 new clients in February! It may not see like much, but as a new entrepreneur, it’s HUGE for me.


What Ladies Are Saying

“Thank you Olivia for creating theses spaces where we have an opportunity to be vulnerable. We are surrounded by such powerful women supporting us as we come into our professional genius zones. Olivia, you are such a phenomenal example of a women in hers.”


At HER Money School,

we’ve helped thousands of ambitious women all over the world generate millions of dollars.

Now it's your turn!




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Olivia Jaras

Meet Olivia

Hi there! 

My name is Olivia, I retired from a very successful career, coaching 1-1 clients, teaching them how to make more money through their businesses and/or careers. Nowadays, I ONLY hang out here at HER Money School, teaching women how to get rich. 

A serial entrepreneur (building my 4th company as we speak), angel investor and longstanding member of the Forbes Council, I show you how to take your career or business to that level where you achieve absolute financial freedom.

So if you are ready to start making more money within a matter of weeks (instead of months or even years), then I invite you to join us in our Money Mavens Mastermind. A community of amazingly ambitious women who realize that when purpose is combined with profitability, we make the world a decidedly better place.


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Are you ready to take back control of financial reality?

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